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425 de l'Église
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École Vents et Marées
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Cacouna (Québec)
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Cacouna (Québec)
G0L 1G0
Phone :(418) 867-1781
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Here is a list of possible lodging if desired
Cabines sur mer-150 rue de la Grève
  In season Cabines/motels by the river and close to the Maliseet center.
  Weekly and daily renting available 418-867-8418
ps: The Cabines sur Mer site will be closed for the 2009 season for renovations.
L'Auberge du Porc-épic: 427 rue du Patrimoine   ► Web Site. 418-868-1373
Gite "La Veilleuse" (B&B - all year):  320 route 132 est. 418-862-8353
Place St Georges: 793 rue du Patrimoine   ► Web site (french). 418-862-1484
* Unfortunately, Cacouna does not have a campsite.
The City of Rivière du Loup located at about a dozen kilometers West of Cacouna offers also a choice of lodging for all tastes.
PS: This page is for information purposes only and does not guaranty the quality or availability of the services provided by these establishments

Club de golf centenaire

Club de golf de CacounaIn activity since 1897, this golf course is the third oldest in Canada.  It possesses a scenic 9 holes course with modern support facilities.
You can find a driving range, an outdoor patio, a bar, a restaurant and a sport shop. 
Golf lessons are also available.  The club open its doors as soon as the snow has gone.
960 Rue du Patrimoine (route 132)
Cacouna, QC. G0L 1G0
Réservations: 418-862-9649 
Télécopieur:(418) 862-9312

Le Cénacle

Le monastère des CapucinsLe Cénacle is located in the old Allen castle which the Capucins purchased in 1942 from the Allan family.
A collaboration between the Capucins et des Soeurs de l'Enfant-Jésus offer amongst other: inner healing (Agapetherapy), a center for prayer, and is a location to renew with one's inner faith.
For more information, contact their team and/or visit their Web site (French)
383, rue du Patrimoine (132)
Cacouna. QC
Tel: (418) 862-7889

Journal l'Épik

This newspaper is published (in French) every 2 months.  It is free within the municipality (voluntary donations of $5. accepted) and for anyone else; a subscription is available at the cost of $ 12 per year.
For more information or to subscribe, please contact l'Épik::
CP 2025, Cacouna, Qc. G0L 1G0
Web Site:

Le Cercle de Fermières de Cacouna

Local des FermièresLe Cercle de Fermières is a very active and productive women organization. Part of their aim is to pass on the artisan heritage.
They produce spectacular works of art. During the summer, the local situated across from the church (420 rue du Couvent) is opened from 8h am. to 5h pm. There, you will be able to admire and acquire these handmade pieces.
Visit their Web site (French site)
Visit the officiel Web site for the Cercles de Fermières of Québec (French site)

Historical and Genealogical Society of Rivière du Loup

(Société Historique et généalogique de Rivière du Loup)
Here are the contact information for this organization where it is possible to consult birth certificates, wedding certificates, death certificates, etc.. for this region. A small fee will be collected for the consultation of the historical papers which are from the mid 1800's to early 1900's.
Address :
67 du Rocher
Rivière du Loup, QC
Téléphone : 418-867-4245.
E-mail: .
Web site:

NOTE: After more than 15 years on the web, this web site will close down on September 1, 2015.

Golf Club
Le Cénacle
Journal l'Épik (Local paper)
Cercle de Fermières
Historical and Genealogical Society

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