The Maliseet Nation


Administrative centre for the Maliseet NationNow a day, the Cacouna reserve (the smallest in Canada) is still not inhabited full time.  In 1989, the Quebec government recognized the Maliseet as the eleventh Aboriginal Nation of the province. 
Their population is estimated at 570 people and are spread out over a large region in the province of Quebec. 
Road directions :
The administrative office for the Nation is located on the Cacouna reserve, at 16 km east of Rivière-du-Loup, and is acceeible by road 132 or Highway 20-exit 514.

2. The Whitworth reserve is located 30 km south of Rivière-du-Loup and is accessible by road 185/85
*The Origin of Viger Reservation was an 1826 petition when a group of New-Brunswick Maliseet presented a petition to the Governor General of Lower and Upper Canada.
They were requesting land in the Lower St. Lawrence area as well as a desire to emigrate to Lower Canada. They received a favorable response to their petition. This grant became the first Indian reserve in Québec created by the Canadian authorities. Read some more...

Election june 10, 2012

Elections were held on the week-end of june 9-10, 2012. Mrs. Anne Archambault was re elected as the Grand Chief of the Viger Band for a 4th term.
Madame Archambault recieved a grand total of 308 votes (74%) compared to 83 votes for Bernard Jenniss and 16 votes for Guy Launière, the other 2 candidates involved in this election which drew 407 electors.

The Band Council of the Viger Maliseet

Grand Chief of the Maliseet Nation

Anne Archambault                        09 June 2008 - re elected june 10, 2012
Jean Genest                                      01 Jan. 2005 - 07Feb. 2006
Anne Archambault                        1999 - 2004
Bernard Jenniss                               ? - 1999

Membres of the Band Council - Elections june 10, 2012

Carol Dallaire                            Councillor
Amélie Larouche                      Councillor
Anny Rioux                               Councillor
Sébastien Thibeault                Councillor
Web Site (
217, rue de la Grève
Cacouna (Québec)
G0L 1G0

Telephone : (418) 860-2393 or 888-399-2393
FAX : (418) 867-3418

La Maison Launière

The Maliseet NationThe Viger Maliseet First Nation of Cacouna, Quebec, in partnership with the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, the Secrétariat aux Affaires autochtones du Québec and the Canada Millennium Partnership Program, has enhanced the only heritage building of the Maliseet First Nation.
Maison Launière de Cacouna is now used for accommodation and development. In addition, the outbuildings are used for workshops to demonstrate the art of basketry, an ancient Maliseet tradition that flourished when Cacouna was a very popular resort.
Outside, the site was enhanced with old photographs and silk-screened illustrations on glass, accompanied by texts, that convey the daily lives of the Maliseet of yesterday. Maison Launière of Cacouna will be a cultural facility for many different publics and a healing, learning and dissemination facility for the Maliseet of today and tomorrow
Source: Canada and the Millennium

L'Auberge Wulustuk

Hôtel Dufferin - L'Auberge WulustukWulustuk inn (hotel Dufferin) located at 115 rue Principale Ouest, is the new home to the Café-Bistro Matuwesh with a "native flavour".
* Roughly translated, Wulustuk means peaceful and tranquil river and place
** This establishment is currently closed due to various reasons.**