The Anglican church (St James of the Apostle) fall 2012Welcome to St-Georges de Cacouna's unofficial web site.
We are located along the St-Lawrence River, in the lower St Lawrence region, on the south shore, approximately 200 km North-East of Quebec City.

This small, peaceful, dynamic and picture perfect community is renowned for its magnificent sunsets and historical buildings.  Tourists and residents alike from every period have been able to enjoy this little paradise for many years.

With its 1 800 inhabitants, Cacouna distinguishes itself due to the quality of the residences and commercial constructions. Many are part of a remarkable architectural heritage. 
Furthermore,  the agricultural life is rich and diversified. A large industrial park as well as the Gros-Cacouna harbour are major development tools for the regional economy.
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Association of the most beautiful Villages of Quebec

Member of the association since december 13, 2000. 

Association of the most beautiful Villages of Quebec The Association's Web site
Three important admission criteria:
1. Quality of the site: originality, splendour and harmony of the places, climate, facilitated accessibility.
2. Architectural quality: wealth (quantity and quality), authenticity and conservation of the houses and buildings.
3. Urban quality : installation, integration, balance and development of the public and private spaces.
The Heritage walk takes the visitor along on a discovery walk by which he will see and learn about the historic buildings of the village.  This is a wonderful tour on foot or on bicycle

Where we are located?

Location: Lower St Lawrence region
According to present and past nature lovers, our region offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world.
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NOTE: After more than 15 years on the web, this web site will close down on September 1, 2015.

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